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For Christmas I was given a Raspberry Pi as a Kris Kringle gift. It is a model A+ with no network interface card and 1 USB port. It took me a while to decide what to do with it.

After looking at a few projects, I decided to set up a streaming music server for streaming my music collection that lives on a Windows 7 server to my HiFi in another room. The first real obstacles I found were that a wifi dongle would be needed and the audio out through the headphone jack of the RPi is poor quality. I could either scrap the project or buy a digital to analogue converter and wifi.

I bought an “Audiophonics DAC Sabre ES9023 I2S” on eBay for $18 since the picture showed it connected to a RPi. My A+ however does not have the 8 pin “P5” connector so I had to work out what pins to connect up to the 40 pin GPIO and use the newest kernel 3.18.7+. I also bought a “ralink rt5370 based dongle” for $8.

At this stage I should say that I am using the Volumio 1.55 software image. After wiring it up it worked first time and the sound is brilliant. The DAC lacks a hardware volume control so the volume is either max or controlled by software.

Basic wiring is below;

I2S DAC wire -> GPIO Pin
LRCK (red) -> 35
GND (yellow) -> 39
DATA (white) -> 40
BCK (black) -> 12
MCLK (orange) not used
+5v (red) -> 4
0v (black) -> 6

Closeup of the RPi showing DAC and wifi









I wasn’t completely happy with the software because I wanted to be able to control the HiFi with my Android phone or tablet. There are some good apps to control Volumio such as MPDroid but I wanted more.

Next, I have installed the free Logitech Music Server on my Windows 7 server and squeezelite-armv6hf (Logitech LMS client) on my RPi. I think this is a better solution as the RPi is now a lightweight client instead of a music server.

As a controller I am using OrangeSqueeze app on my tablet. This is not free but is very user friendly and works nicely.

Finally, I have installed the “Triode” third party Spotify app in the Logitech Music Server and now can play Spotify using OrangeSqueeze.

OrangeSqueeze Album View












OrangeSqueeze Spotify View

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