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My preferred skin for MediaPortals is StreamedMP and these tweaks make it slightly more user friendly.

1. Fonts

The Avalon skin has a nicer font “AvalonType Light” and this can be downloaded and installed in the windows fonts directory and added to the fonts.xml file instead of the current fonts. Install the font by installing the Avalon skin. By the way, I like the Avalon skin but it does not have enough fanart for me.

cd c:\ProgramData\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal\skin\StreamedMP
Edit fonts.xml and replace font names so they look like this

<filename>AvalonType Light</filename>

I also like the Spiderman font which I use as “font18” on the home menu.

Screen shots

2. Hidden menus

I like to delete all the *hidden* files in the skins directory e.g.
cd c:\ProgramData\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal\skin\StreamedMP
del movingpictures.common.hiddenmenu.xml
del TVSeries.Common.HiddenMenu.xml

The reason I do this is so that children or visitors do not accidentally go into context menus and change my layouts.

3. Remove seperators —————–

Replace separators so that paragraphs of text flow better. I use unix/cygwin tools for windows.

sed -i “s/-*<\/seperator>/\&#176;<\/seperator>/” *.xml

&#176; is a little circle °

4. Mediaportal Tweaks

Dynamic Refresh Rate

CINEMA – 23.976 – 23
CINEMA24 – 24 – 24
TV – 25 – 50
HDTV – 50 – 50
NTSC – 59.94 – 59
NTSCHD – 60 – 60
NTSCFILM – 29.97 – 59

Default is TV


MediaPortal Configuration>Videos>Subtitle
subtitle engine MPC-HC
subpicture buffer to “5 (Advanced)


MediaPortal Configuration>General
Process priority AboveNormal

UPDATE: I have disabled Dynamic Refresh Rate because my Samsung TV does a better job by itself.

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