Cloning a VirtualBox Drive

Posted by admin on Nov 19, 2010 in Uncategorized |

I recently tried to clone a 3G virtual disk to a 40G virtual disk. i.e. resize a disk. This was much more difficult than I thought.

After reading up blogs on the internet such as using VboxManager “cloneHD”, “cloneVDI” and “internalcommands sethduuid” which all failed, I was able to do it by booting an ISO of clonezilla and using the advanced options.

I setup my 2 virtual drives and the CD image in VirtualBox and booted up clonezilla. Then I chose a partition to partition copy (not disk to disk) and used the default options except not to install grub and keep the mbr.

I then was able to shutdown the VM and remove the original 3G disk and boot from the 40G disk.

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